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Too bad the abbot at the pagoda never got to hear this monk's fabulous rendition of "My Way"... I guess "Buddhist discipline" doesn't allow much for enjoying oneself, although that nail-clipper incident was probably going just a little too far.

Singing Monk Faces the Music in Cambodia
CNN / Reuters 12-AUG-98

PHNOM PENH- A Cambodian monk was expelled after he was caught sneaking out of his temple at night to indulge his secret passion-- karaoke singing.

By day Kung Bunchhoeun, 22, wore the simple orange robes of a monk but at night he would don ordinary garb and slip out of his Phnom Penh temple to croon in nearby karaoke bars, the Koh Santipheap newspaper reported on Wednesday.

He also occasionally went dancing, the paper said.

"We no longer accept this monk because he has too much freedom, his conduct violates Buddhist discipline," the abbot at his pagoda told the newspaper.

Temple authorities began investigating Kung Bunchhoeun earlier this month after he had a punch-up with a lay student at his temple.

The student was stabbed in the shoulder with a pair of nail clippers after complaining that the radio the monk was singing along to was too loud, the paper said.