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Ouija Cat'98-'01

The conscience is an interesting thing. 

I believe the fullness of its presence in any given individual is primarly determined by how meaningful that individual regards the power of his actions to cause, or prevent, favorable or unfavorable emotions in others. 

From there, our care and concern for the welfare of others either develops or dies

More and more, the barren conscience must be assumed until proven otherwise. God Bless America. 

Michigan Man Won't Be Charged in French Woman's Death
CNN/Associated Press 4/17/99

FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan (AP) -- A man whose Internet romance with a French woman ended in her apparent suicide won't face charges in her death, authorities said Friday.

Police have said Julie Yasa, 28, traveled to the United States in February to meet the 24-year-old man after a six-month e-mail relationship.

After a one-time sexual encounter, the man drove Ms. Yasa to a motel, then turned her away when she showed up at his apartment, police said. Her body was found March 3 near the man's apartment. She died after taking an excessive dose of a sleep aid, authorities said.

"There's absolutely nothing we can charge him with in regard to her death," prosecutor Jim Halushka told the Detroit Free Press for a story Saturday. "There's no good samaritan law in Michigan. It's not against the law to lack respect for human life."

Police Chief William Dwyer said he had hoped the man would be charged with something, perhaps assisted suicide.

"The public at large is going to be disappointed," Dwyer said. "We've received letters from all over the world about this incident. This was an extremely cold-blooded and heartless individual with no regard for human life whatsoever."