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I think this sucks. This poor guy... now don't tell me you didn't used to watch Diff'rent Strokes. OK, it's real funny and all, how everyone on that show got busted for something or other... but enough's enough. Now that we've collectively enjoyed watching him plummet into oblivion, can't we leave him the hell alone? He's a mall security guard now, for crissakes. What's it like, feeling like the whole world wants you to screw up your life for their entertainment, and being right?

Woman Sues Actor Gary Coleman
CNN / AP 04-AUG-98

Los Angeles (AP)-- A Los Angeles woman is suing former child
star Gary Coleman, accusing him of punching her after they
argued over an autograph. 

Tracy Fields claims Coleman punched her in the eye, then
continued hitting her after she fell onto a gumball machine at a
store last week. 

Fields claims she's since suffered headaches and muscle spasms.
She wants one million dollars. 

Coleman surrendered to authorities Friday and was arrested for
investigation of assault and battery. He was released on his own
recognizance. He's scheduled to be arraigned August 25th. 

Coleman-- who's now 30-- starred as Arnold on the NBC series
``Diff'rent Strokes'' from 1978 to 1986. He now works as a mall
security guard.