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A certain number of lawyers probably bring this sort of thing upon themselves, but the guy in the clipping sounds like someone who actually wanted to help make things better in the world - I'd bet there isn't too much money to be made in child neglect and abuse law. Why is it that the scummy lawyers seem to get away with everything, and the good ones can't catch a break? Shame, how it all works out...

Santa Fe lawyer gunned down near courthouse
CNN/Associated Press 8/13/99

SANTA FE, New Mexico (AP) -- An attorney known for handling child neglect and abuse cases was shot to death Friday as he walked to a hearing.

Carlos Vigil was killed in a drive-by shooting just yards away from the Santa Fe County Courthouse, said Audra Montoya, criminal court clerk.

"It was just down the street. You can see it from our doors. They have it all taped off," she said.

Vigil, 52, was heading to a hearing before state District Judge T. Glenn Ellington when shots rang out, Montoya said. She didn't know what the hearing was about.

Witnesses saw a mint-green Ford pickup truck with a loud muffler, driven by a man who appeared to be in his 20s, leave the area. "That's what we're looking for," police Sgt. Gilbert C' de Baca said.

Vigil's body was lying on the sidewalk a half block from the courthouse entrance. Police stood around the body, and courthouse workers and attorneys stood in small groups nearby.

"I'm devastated for Carlos, for his widow and for the whole legal community," said Richard Shapiro, a fellow lawyer.

"I don't know if this was somebody who had a grudge against lawyers or whether it was somebody that was out to get Carlos Vigil. It doesn't matter to me. I've lost a friend," said Shapiro, who was in the courthouse when the shooting happened.

In addition to his work as a private attorney, Vigil served part time as an attorney for Rio Arriba County, primarily handling personnel matters, said Tomas Campos, assistant county manager.

Campos said he was meeting with other county officials when he heard that Vigil had been shot. "We couldn't continue our meeting, we were so upset," Campos said.