An Archive of Email Forwards - Ouija Cat '98-'01

Don't know if it works or not ?? But it's worth a shot!


If you find that you have got a speeding ticket or you have gone
through a  red light or what ever you do to lose demerit points 
from your license,  I  have heard of a method to ensure that you DON'T 
lose any points.
It is this :
When you get your fine, send a check to pay it, and if the fine is,
say $79 then make the cheque out for $82 or some small amount 
above the fine.
The  system will then have to send you a cheque back for the
difference so eventually you get a cheque for $3 . Now, here is 
the trick - DON'T cash the   check - throw it away. Demerit points are 
not removed from your license until all of the financial transactions 
are complete. If you don't cash the  cheque then the transactions are 
not complete, however, the system has got its money so it is happy 
and doesn't bother you anymore.

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