fleeting thoughts and other illusions -
Ouija Cat'98

we sail across time

We sail across time, following its unruly currents
towards an infinity resting on the horizon.

Tomorrow lies uncharted, and though we endeavor 
to map our routes based on familiar habits and ideas, 

we know that a change in the wind 
or an outburst of rain
might send us veering off course, 

fierce waves lashing at fate's hull,
unmoved by our prayers, wishes, and desires.

We plead for assurance that, 
upon traversing 
the precipice 
of this moment, 
upon which our ships 
teeter into the future,

that we should be welcomed into its waters, 
and not plunged from its edge,

for, like frightened sailors 
we suppose our mortality 
looms at the unseen ends of the sea.

But Time, like the Earth 
comprises a globe 
on which we live, 
and work, and play,

and our ships become 
weathered and torn 
its wavering tides 
Then, there, at the close of our journey,

we will discover 
the moment 
of our first breath,


and the sails of our souls 
will be raised anew,

for death lies 
not at the end of existence, 
nor at its beginning,

and Life revolves 
in circular paths.
Ouija Cat 12/06/98