fleeting thoughts and other illusions -
Ouija Cat'98

the river

tracing from a mountain creek 
a trickle that began
from up above a snow capped peak 
to drift towards the land

as summers passed the trickle grew 
far distant from its source
and soon a stream converged into 
the trickle's winding course

where when apart and one by one 
their waters ran alone
together joined their waters run 
a river all its own

that kept its steady path each day 
though obstacles it faced
as tributaries crept its way 
but could not keep its pace

for strengthened by its inner bond 
the river quietly flowed
and at its end arose a pond 
where life would quietly grow

and from beneath the light of dawn 
till moonlit night's embrace
the trickle and the stream are gone 
a river in their place
Ouija Cat 03/95