An Archive of Good and Evil -
Ouija Cat'98-'01

Nothing vivifies, and nothing kills, like the emotions. - Joseph Roux

06/07/98 German Hubby Slain On Highway
06/07/98 Man With Sex-Abuse History Runs School
06/07/98 Fisticuffs in the O.R. Means Fines for Docs
06/07/98 Construction Joe's Last Day On The Site
07/05/98 Cambodians Pay Visit to Magic Turtle
09/10/98 Police: Girl Drowned While Party Guests Got High
09/10/98 Guilty Plea Expected in Internet Confession Murder
09/27/98 Singing Monk Faces the Music in Cambodia
09/27/98 Woman Sues Actor Gary Coleman
09/27/98 School Violence Highlights
09/27/98 Dead candidate shakes up U.S. Senate race
09/04/99 Santa Fe lawyer gunned down near courthouse
09/04/99 Kansas evolution vote latest twist in creation saga
09/04/99 Fake Accident Puzzles Police
09/04/99 Gates deposition makes judge laugh
09/04/99 Michigan Man Won't Be Charged in French Woman's Death
09/04/99 Chief Director of Japan's Central Bank Commits Suicide
09/04/99 Police accuse man of putting skin-dissolving chemical on carousel
09/04/99 Man Convicted For Hiring Prostitute For His 13-Year Old Son
09/04/99 Brown University Student Charged With Poisoning Food

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