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That which you give

There will be times, began Ouija Cat, when the stern voices from without and within will seek to remind you of your insignificance, and of your powerlessness beneath the dark clouds that lurk behind the brightest of skies... and smiles.

You will be persuaded that, because none can control the chaos that hides in nature - or in the nature of men - that your effort, your struggle, your exhaustion, are all squandered and in vain.

Then, your heart will cry out in anger and despair, yearning for recognition, and redemption... but only the wise learn that these things have no meaning apart from what we alone, ourselves, give to them.

Therefore, do not mistake the tormented longing for acknowledgement and appreciation, for the inner comfort of having been diligent - and of having done one's best;

What pain exists in all the world that does not arise from a mistaken faith in the commerce of good will?

No. You see, in this Life, you are given only one task: to give from your heart, for the SOLE purpose of giving, from your heart.

That which you give is, without exception, the most Life will ever entitle your existence to be;

But you must know, too, that it is also the very most that Existence will ever ask from your life.

And with this understanding, let there be no disillusionment, no disappointment, no unmet expectations, but only PEACE within you.

For no cosmic arbiter of justice can alter this: Your fortune and fate are bounded only by the limits of your willingness to give - from your heart.

There, said Ouija Cat, you will find order and harmony, not in the slippery stream of desire and regret, but in the enduring awareness of the spirit within.

Ouija Cat 02/10/2000

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