An Uplifting Archive -
Ouija Cat 2002

Reach for your Star

Do not take anything
  as being forever,
because forever is only
  as long as today.
Know that the people who
  are the richest
are not those who have the most,
  but those who need the least.
That we are at our strongest
  when life is at its worst,
and at our weakest when life
  no longer offers a challenge.
That it is wiser not to expect, 
  but to hope,
for in expecting you ask for 
whereas in hoping, you invite
That unhappiness doesn't come from
  not having something you want,
but from the lack of something
  inside that you need.
That there are things to hold 
  and things to let go,
and letting go doesn't mean you lose,
  but that you acquire that which
has been waiting around the corner.

Most of all...
remember to use your dreams as a
  way of knowing yourself better,
and as an inspiration to reach
  for your star.

    Nancye Sims

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